Meepillows Around the Internet

Hello everyone!

It's been an incredibly exciting week for Top Shelf Fun. Meepillows launched on Kickstarter on August 13th with a goal of $15,000. The wonderfully supportive board game community has brought the funding to over $26,000 as of the writing this blog. Simply incredible.

So, I wanted to share a few links of some of the places I found Meepillows on the internet. I'm so humbled and proud by the project that I just wanted give a shout out to the following websites:

Shut Up & Sit Down

The Dice Tower News

Geek and Sundry

Creative Mountain Games

Roll for Crit Podcast

And with all the love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites I simply can't keep up! So, thank you everyone that has mad this project a wild success. It has exceeded my expectations in every possible.