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Transport Your Board Games in Style!

Transporting Your Board Games

Are you tired of lugging your favorite board games to a convention using just your unreliable hands and a prayer? Only to potentially damage them or even drop them and lose all those bits and pieces on the way. Maybe you just recently upgraded to a large plastic grocery store bag, but that's just ridiculous, right? Top Shelf Fun has just what you need.

The "Take-an-Action" Figure for Tabletop Gamers

Are you looking for a unique way to show off your love of the board gaming hobby. Something fun to display at work or in your game room? CUBE is a different type of collectible that celebrates the history of gaming and the evolution of theme in a fun and offbeat manner!


Some of the biggest names in the board game hobby have some wonderful things to say about Meepillows!

"I really do like them. I would keep one for myself but I got one for each kid and there was none left for me... They're  also incredibly excellent for hitting people with."

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

"There's simply nothing better than hugging a giant meeple-shaped pillow. Sometimes it hugs back. Sometimes."

Jamey Stegmaier, Stonemaier Games

"My 4 year old and 8 year old future gamers have had their Meepillow with them in their beds since they arrived. I won't let them touch the purple one."

Eric Summerer, The Dice Tower

"I sleep with my Meepillows every night! They're the softest pillows on my bed!!!"

Bebo, The Gamewire

"The Meepillows are a fun and unique novelty for any game room and especially as gifts for gamers."

Dan King, The Game Boy Geek

The Meepillow Collection

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The Original Kickstarter Infommercial

Unique Ideas

Top Shelf Fun also produces some fun and unique products including the new Cheat Sheet for Gentlemen. It is a billet of your ladies' particulars that the most astute of men will not want to be without. It is a simple, yet exhaustive index, that fits into your billfold and will keep you out of the hound's domicile. Further, it will provide and Inkling of Guidance which enumerates the finer points of being a true cavalier. Keep it handy and appear thoughtful, old chaps.

Are you a FLGS?

If you are interested in carrying Meepillows or Game Haul bags in your store please contact us below. We have a fantastic wholesale program just for you!