Geek Fest & Other News!

Convention Time!

GeekFest Logo
Top Shelf Fun will be attending Geekfest as a Vendor on April 2nd! If you are in the area definitely stop by, say "hi" and hug up on some Meepillows!

About Geekfest:

Geekfest is a small passionate convention born and bred in Southern New Jersey. After FOUR very successful and fun shows at this location we are getting a huge show of support. We have had more than 6000+ attendees, volunteers, vendors and guests in two short years with four amazing shows! We just want to bring folks together to appreciate their own version of geek. The floor will be divided into vendors and artists/game devs/youtube-web folk and some tournaments/open board game play.

New Colors!

I am currently in the early stages of working on a couple new colors - Orange and Wood Grain! Based on all the feedback I've been receiving regarding requested colors, these two definitely were in the lead. It's very exciting to expand the selection.

Stay tuned for picture updates and the chance to pre-order at a reduced price!