Today is "Neighbor Day"

So, you have the best neighbors ever. Or, you live next to the worst people on the planet. Well, today is the perfect day to celebrate your neighbors, let bygones be bygones, and get to know them on a truly deeper level. How?

Obviously with some choice board games of course!

First up we have Zombicide: Angry Neighbors:

Zombicide Angry Neighbors Board Game

This is an expansion for Zombicide, probably the most popular zombie miniatures game out there due to it's mega success on Kickstarter. It is published by Cool Mini or Not, a company that produces some of the nicest miniature for board games on the market. If you are looking to bury the hatchet with your neighbors (or into the skull of a zombie), this could certainly be a fun way to do it. Complicated? Yes. Fun. Absolutely.


Okay, so you actually like your neighbors and don't have a hidden agenda masked by a clever board game title. In that case, pull out your copy of 7 Wonders!

7 Wonders Board Game

This is a classic. Fairly easy to learn. Deep enough for gamers but won't scare off non-gamers. You only interact with your neighbors on the left and ride side of you at the table (see what we did there). 7 Wonders is a card game where you are creating sets of card types, gaining resources, and trying to build one of the 7 Wonders over the course of three ages (rounds). It's one of my favorites.


Finally we got something simple, fast but will give you enough time to figure out if you want to continue to extend this gaming olive branch on Neighbor Day. Love Letter is perfect. It's a micro game and will run under ten minutes.

Love Letter is a game of deduction, risk and luck. Draw a card. play a card. That is it. With just 16 cards in the deck, whoever can survive to the end with the highest numbered card wins. And with multiple Love Letter themes available now due it's popularity you can buy the one that is right for you (and your neighbors of course). 

So, take this opportunity to get to know your neighbors! And perhaps, just perhaps, they will tear down that bamboo that is growing along the property perimeter and killing your grass and shrubs!